Welcome to the BTE AutoReiseZug

The BTE AutoReiseZug brings you relaxed overnight to your destination - and you take your car or motorcycle "piggyback".

Whether you are planning a vacation on Germany's coasts, in Scandinavia, the Swiss Alps, in France or Italy: With the BTE AutoReiseZug between Hamburg and Lörrach you can look forward to a relaxed and safe overnight train ride - and your vehicle travels along well secured on our vehicle transport wagons.

Let long distances, traffic jams or bad weather pass you by, enjoy your compartment and use the night to sleep. In the morning you change into your own vehicle fresh and rested and drive relaxed to your destination. Make yourself comfortable in your compartment.

COVID-19: Current information

As our guest on the BTE AutoReiseZug, you travel safely. A consistent hygiene concept applies on board. All sanitary areas are equipped with soap or disinfectant dispensers, we provide bedding and towels, and the windows in the couchette car can be opened at any time to let fresh air in.

When travelling in the comfort classes Sleeping Compartment and Couchette Compartment PLUS, you are always booked in your personal private compartment - without the boarding of other travellers parties. Therefore, you do not need to wear a mask there. However, wearing a mask (at least a medical mask) is mandatory when entering/leaving your private compartment and in the corridors as well as in commonly used areas on the train.

Please also note the testing or documentation requirements prescribed by the authorities for your destination country or your destination region as well as any quarantine requirements and find out about the current pandemic regulations on the official websites of governments or authorities before you start your journey, as we do not have any information on this able to provide information.

According to our current conditions of carriage, we assume no liability (e.g. refunds) for restrictions from your travel planning that arise in connection with Covid-19 requirements.
We wish all passengers a pleasant journey with us on board - stay healthy.