Everything about vehicle loading On the way with vehicle and luggage

Our vehicle transport wagon are designed to transport your vehicle and luggage safely.
For this purpose, some rules as well as certain vehicle dimensions (length, roof width, height, weight, etc.) must be observed.
In the open transport wagon, driving speeds of up to 160 km/h are reached, therefore a safe fastening of your roof superstructures as well as luggage is absolutely necessary.
You will find the vehicle dimensions (except the roof width, that needs to be measured individually) and information on the curb weight in your vehicle registration document.

Otherwise, please note as following:



Including mounted luggage: For roof luggage / roof boxes / luggage racks, the height at the highest point applies.
Please note the basic requirements for taking (roof) luggage with you.


Roof width

The roof width cannot be found in the vehicle documents and needs to be measured individually by you.
The roof width at highes point of vehicle including mounted luggage must not exceed 135 cm or 155 cm, depending on the vehicle type.
Vehicles with a roof width of more than 155 cm are excluded from transport.
In the case of mounted roof luggage/roof boxes, the width of the luggage/box at its highest point applies.


Curb weight

The vehicle transport wagon have a maximum loading weight for each loading level.
Therefore, it is essential to specify the curb weight (not the towing capacity or the total weight) of your vehicle according to your vehicle registration.



You can transport permanently mounted, secured and locked roof boxes and bike racks on or at your vehicle as well as motorcycle bags, if all specified loading dimensions are complied with.
Other items as well as magnetic boxes cannot be transported on the roof of the vehicle.
Surfboards and lightweight boats can also be transported if affixed next to the vehicle and when they are specified prior to booking.