Long journeys from south to north or vice versa can be quite exhausting. Or even completely relaxed. We transport you and your vehicle on the BTE AutoReiseZug from Hamburg-Altona non-stop to Lörrach or in the opposite direction.

For your planning you can choose from 102 travel days in the 2023 season in total.
Especially in the holiday season the trains are fully booked quickly. Therefore we recommend to early bookings to secure a place for your desired travel day.
Bookable are all in the table below blue marked travel days.
The price for your desired travel day is shown on a daily basis by the online booking after chosing all vehicle information and desired category four your journey over night.

Adjustments due to a current pandemic development are possible at short notice.

Traffic days 2023

Loading and travel times

Please note: The times stated here are approximate. Only the loading and travel times stated on your ticket apply. Please be sure to check your e-mail inbox shortly before your travel day for any loading/travel times that may be updated at short notice.

Southbound: Hamburg-Altona => Loerrach Northbound: Loerrach => Hamburg-Altona

Train number:


Train number:


Check-in / Loading Hamburg-Altona:

appr. 19:00 until 21:45

Check-in / Loading Loerrach:

app. 17:30 until 19:30

Departure Hamburg-Altona:

appr. 22:20

Departure Loerrach (Platform, track 12):

appr. 20:00

Arrival Loerrach (Platform, track 12):

appr. 10:30
For detailed times, please refer to your ticket, updated daily.
After arrival on the Lörrach platform, the vehicle will be unloaded.

Arrival Hamburg-Altona:

app. 07:40
Please refer to your ticket for detailed times on the day.
After arrival, the vehicle will be unloaded.